Bigbang – Fantastic Baby: The Visual Arts of the Music Video

Asian Music Invasion

I tried not to review multiple songs from a single artist or group at once, neither do I really want to do album reviews (I like being rather specific about individual songs) but I failed this time when Bigbang releases the music video of “Fantastic Baby”. (Don’t remember what I did? Click here to read the review for “Blue”.)

In terms of the song itself, “Fantastic Baby” doesn’t have that many highlights.Even thoguh the instrumentals are in deed very YG styled, “Fantastic Baby” is not special enough to be defined as “Bigbang”, or say, if it’s not the members’ voice, I wouldn’t know it’s a Bigbang song. To me, at some parts the rhythm of the lyrics are dragging the strong rhythm of the beats, and even though the melody of each section is beautiful on its own, the breaks between verses unfortunately cut the song into fragments. However, it is catchy, catchy enough to let different parts stick…

Lihat pos aslinya 1.082 kata lagi


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