I’ve had enough of rookie groups


I’ve received this question from a reader through the google form:

Hi! I really like your blog a lot, and I just began reading it today! Ummm… Can you do a topic about Rookie groups? New groups debut every year and it increased up to 20 bands in 2012 from 2011. What’s your opinion? Thanks!! ^^

My answer:

A) There are 2 types of rookie groups 

1. The groups that make it & break into the industry

2. The groups that don’t. Indicators for this category include:

  • only releasing 1 single throughout the entire career
  • promoting for their song for a short period of time
  • not appearing on any variety/radio shows
  • no news from their company for n number of months

And honestly most groups fall into the second category! Why are there so many kpop rookie groups that don’t make it? This leads me to my second opinion:


Lihat pos aslinya 460 kata lagi


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