Thoughts Out Loud: Sending the Right Message to The Audience


Back in June, i did an LGBT blogathon by Yam-mag, where i write about selected films/tv shows that has LGBT related theme or issue. LGBT is an issue i personally feel so invested in, since i read the book relating to the issue i have a new point of view and re-assess my views about LGBT and the violent behavior towards it. It is sad that most Indonesian are still showing ignorant behavior and showing no awareness regarding the issue. I think film, in general, is a good way to educate the masses (audience). Sadly in Indonesian cinema, nods to the issue are shown merely as a stock character for comic relief instead of the highlight worthy points to ponder on. You can count the number of Indonesian LGBT films that are getting wide-release with the fingers on your hands.
So when i first heard about the movement of Indonesia Tanpa…

Lihat pos aslinya 866 kata lagi


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